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There are regular kyu gradings throughout the year and annually we run yudansha (black belt) gradings, which are taken through Hiroaki Sensei and Kobayashi Sensei and are signed by the present Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba and registered at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Japan.
We use the same syllabus as Kobayashi Dojos, Japan, which is also used in most part by all the associated Kobayashi Dojos around the world. This means we can travel to any Aikikai dojo and in particular Kobayashi dojo throughout the world and be sure our Aikido is consistent with everyone else.

The gradings are formal and the students demonstrate in front of a panel including instructors from other dojos within the organisation.

We carry out all our Kyu grades ourselves, but importantly we only undertake our yudansha gradings through Kobayashi dojos and the International Aikido Federation (Aikikai). This means that every yudansha grade that is awarded through the UK group has international recognition and is registered in Japan at the Aikikai Hombu dojo.

Students can apply for examinations prior to the exam date and complete the application form download application form here and submit it to their teacher along with the relevant fee. If the required number of days practice has been reached since the last examination the student's application will be accepted.

Current Kyu grade fees are as follows:
7th Kyu £15
6th Kyu £15
5th Kyu £20
4th Kyu £25
3rd Kyu £25
2nd Kyu £30
1st Kyu £30

Current Dan grade are as follows:
1st Dan Y20,950 (Yen)
2nd Dan Y29,400 (Yen)
3rd Dan Y39,900 (Yen)
4th Dan Y50,400 (Yen)