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Aikido Training in Bristol & Bath at Aikido Tenchikan Dojo

Aikido Ten Chi Kan Dojo is a traditional Aikido Club based in St George, Bristol practicing all aspects of traditional Aikido including Aikido weapons Aiki Ken and Aiki Jo. The Bristol is under the direction of Kobayashi Dojos, Japan and are regularly visited by Japanese instructors from Kobayashi Dojos. Aikido is a practical Japanese self defence martial art suitable for all. Come and join the Aikido training, classes suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners.

Aikikai Aikido at Kingswood dojo Bristol

Kobayashi Sensei, Hiroaki Sensei & Jeff Mills of Aikido Tenchikan Dojos

Bath Aikido in Bath
Aikido practice at Tenchikan Dojo Bristol

Jeff Mills 4th Dan Aikikai regularly visits Japan and Europe to train with Kobayashi Sensei, Igarashi Sensei and Hiroaki Sensei. In 2001 he completed a three month uchi deschi (live in student) program in Kobayashi Dojos, Japan. Jeff returned in 2003, 2005 and 2008 as an uchi deschi (live in student) In November 2005 he also took his nidan (2nd dan examination) at the Aikikai Hombu dojo, Japan through Kobayashi Dojos.

Aikido Tenchikan Dojo hold regular Aikido courses in Bristol and Bath. Annual international Yudansha (black belt) examinations are held under the direction of Hiroaki Kobayashi Sensei on behalf of Yasuo Kobayashi Sensei 8th Dan. These black belt examinations are certified and registered by Moriteru Ueshiba Doshu, Hombu Dojo Japan.

Ten Chi Kan Dojo is a fully insured member of the British Aikido Board its instructor is qualified having completed the BAB's coaching course. So what does this mean to prospective new members?



  • Practice with a Japanese trained instructor affiliated to Kobayashi Dojos, Japan
  • Receive annual practice with Kobayashi dojo instructors from Japan
  • International Aikikai recognised Dan grades
  • Membership of the British Aikido Board (national governing body of Aikido).


New Aikido Classes Opening in Chippenham
Aikido is a self defence system suitable for both men and women for self defense